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Natalie Magnin Textile Art

Natalie Magnin is practising  textile arts for 20 years.

As a professional artist she creates artistic work as wall-hangings and ornaments .









Out of respect for nature , she works with recycled fabric that she herself traditionally colours with plants , bark , indigo and rust. In her works often found objects like oxidized iron, feathers and bones return, which are carefully sewn by hand on painted and printed fabrics. This results in a harmonious and mysterious whole where tenderness and conviction of universal love are derived.

In the MetalloTextile-project on which she works with David Vanorbeek , she takes the textile creations for her part . With textiles she is looking to bring a soft , colourful and warm counterweight to the metal creations of David .  In this common work force and softness are joined together, like yin and yang the opposite materials find a natural balance.

Her studio located in the castle is definitely worth a visit.  In the common areas of the castle Natalie's work is hanging, as well as smaller sculptures of David and common work of MetalloTextile .


Here you can see some pictures of Natalie's work.
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Before Natalie worked for a long time with wool, felt, and silk, but for ethical reasons she no longer does. Pictures of these creations however are still circulating on the web. 

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